It’s been 7 months since I quit Instagram. Now I decided to go back, and here’s how I feel about it

The day I decided to quit… for a day

Symptoms of social media addiction

Prediction strength of each item on Social Media Addiction Scale. Source: Factor Load Values of SMAS Items. In: TUTGUN-ÜNAL, A.; DENİZ, L. (2015). Development of the Social Media Addiction Scale. AJIT-e: Online Academic Journal of Information Technology, 6(21).

The mind shift

I got hooked on other platforms

Here’s what I missed the most about Instagram

The conflicting feelings now that I’m back

At last, the side of Instagram I knew was there but neglected for 7 months

So far, so good



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Juliana Tauil

Juliana Tauil

Communication specialist, Psychology and Neuroscience student. I currently write about consumption, consumerism and human behavior.